New! Beard Collar Facial Hair Trimmings Catcher/ keeps the sink clean

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The fast and easy to use, beard trimming collar is here and it's one size fits all. Created to use while trimming facial hair to catch the hairs so they don't make a mess. Simply put it around your neck, strap it on and you're ready to trim anywhere fast and easy. In your car or in your bathroom, keep those hairs off your clothes and out of your sink. 

Beard Bro | FACIAL HAIR OR BEARD CATCHING DEVICE| U.S. Application No. 29/608,568 | 151205-18-D

* Trim over clothes
* No clogged pipes
* No messy sink
* Easy to put on and empty
* Easy to travel with 
* Use in car or anywhere
* Hairs don't stick to material