New- Dry Shampoo with Sport Blend for Head & Beard 4 oz.

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Featuring a minty original scent, this dry shampoo makes your hair feel clean, fresh, and full of body and texture.


  • Use to clean and freshen up hair in-between washes.
  • Instantly leaves hair full of body and texture.

Applying dry shampoo

Once you’ve determined you aren’t allergic to your creation, follow these steps to put it to use:

  • Find your application device. You can use your fingertips, a large makeup brush, or, if you’re feeling fancy, a cocoa shaker.
  • Gently dust the dry shampoo onto your scalp. Remember not to apply too much. If you really want to hide any evidence of the product, brush it underneath the layers of your hair.
  • Massage it into your roots. This will evenly distribute the mixture and help the ingredients absorb into hair strands.
  • Brush or comb the powder through your hair. This is a particularly useful step if you’ve accidentally applied too much.