Bourbon Beard Oil

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Masculine, rich, and a scent men and women love. A lusty scent of bourbon and sandalwood that goes on smooth and lasts for hours, with a light spice and mild cinnamon hint that women love.

* Hydrates
* Makes beard manageable
* Softens
* Non-Greasy
* Moisturizes skin below beard
* Helps to relieve itching

Oils Used:
Essential oils for scent-
Bourbon Blend & Sandalwood
(Promotes growth, and moisturizes skin for healthy glow)
Apricot Kernel-
(Adds shine, nourishes hair roots)
(Antibacterial qualities, opens pours and helps to clear the skin, minimizes facial lines, moisturizes face and hairs)
Sweet Almond-
(Thickens hairs, promotes hair growth, strengthens hair, adds shine)
Pumpkin Seed-
(Promotes hair growth, production of new skin cells, protection against environmental pollution and harsh UV rays, maintains healthy oil production for skin and hair)